Heroes of Haven Falls

The plan unveiled

Abinox shows, through the orb, that he has summoned other evil beings all across the world to try and bring the Shadowfell to this plane. He tells the adventurers to come to his plane if they wish to stop him.

Upon returning to Haven Falls the adventurers seek the advice of Corethal and Valfryn the Wise. Valfryn tells them that they can get to the shadow plane either from a strong Shadow Wizard, one who excels in creating portals, or by finding a natural rift between this world and the Shadowfell. With this in mind the adventurers head south to find the Shadow Wizard that will be able to transport them to the Shadowfell.

They reach the mountain pass and encounter a band of orcs. Arcadio challenges their best warrior, Bjorn, to a one on one battle for the right to pass through the mountains. Arcadio easily defeats Bjorn and convinces him to come with them to help translate with other orcs further in the mountains.

The Farm battle and... ABANOX

Approaching the changed field, the adventurers notice Shadow Kai warily guarding the road that leads to the farm. The landscape has changed, decrepit ruins lie behind the potential enemies.

Bart tries a diplomatic route to bypass the situation while Ruscion ensures their safety by sneaking through the ring of Shadow Kai…. only to be bombarded by fire beetles hidden amongst the ruins! The surprise gone, the Shadow Kai drop their guard and start to attack, whilst the adventurers lay waste to every threat in site. Injured, but far from defeated, the adventurers continue warily down the path through the ruins towards the underground entrance by the farm.

From a distance they see two holes. One with more shadow kai around the hole leading into the underground, and a vacant hole as well. Realizing the patience but lack of hostility from the first group, the group approaches the Shadow Kai while Bart talks with them and gathers information by gaining their cautious confidence.

The information is vague, but helpful enough. The Lord of Shadows, death and decay is who they follow, and they are in a loose allegiance with the non sentient bugs present in the fields. But we have to be wary… for although they will let us pass, their will be more in the depths that might not be so kind.

Descending into the depths, the adventurers are immediately set upon by armored tunnel bugs, but after a fight the beasts are defeated (including a close call where the Shadow Kai suspiciously wondered what was happening in the depths). Continuing deeper into the depths of the dungeon, our heroes again run into the maggot monster… three of them guarding an area farther down the tunnel! A fight ensues as the heroes launch themselves into the rooms and assault the maggot monsters, but they get more than they bargained for when exploding moths and Shadow Kai join the fight as well. The fight turned easily towards Bart’s Band, but after defeating a maggot monster, the remaining two screamed an unearthly howl as they reformed into a more powerful version of the maggot monster we previously fought. The skirmish continued with our heroes remaining on top, bruised but not beaten.

Just as we celebrate our victory…. A______ appears. He talks.

I am Abanox. I am from the Shadow realm. And I will destroy this realm.

Malkyr's Temptation

We finally left the dungeon of A____, and his crazy acts. After defeating Argon and Kalephain, their bodies solidify and turn to a marble like stone. Malkyr seems to have little reaction, but seems displeased at passing up a chance at true, but evil, power…. The offer they gave him to join forces. The fight left a battered, bruised and poisoned front line… but a front line that was alive.
A____ suddenly appears and implores Malkyr to join him once more, at the smaller cost of only a portion of his soul… but to no avail, as Malkyr won’t budge, he has moved on. A____ is troubled by these developments, but suddenly A____ speaks out…. “WHO has the ORB?”
Barthandelus, with not so subtle a gesture, inquires why A____ would ask such a thing…. And A responds by releasing maggots that slowing draw themselves into the sphere, showing a familiar looming image.
“He is the one you must defeat, the one you let away. Find him, then seek me out.”
A____ immediately vanishes and suddenly we are back in town…. Not minutes after we left our original encounter. The townspeople are looking to the sky, talking about dark and ominous clouds that were in the area, and left… clouds that sound ominously familiar to our encounter with the farmer, the meteor…. And the dreaded monster made of maggots.
First things first, as Gorath and Bart have a beer, Ruscion reads up on important information at the library, Baern looks for his mom, and we take a long and well deserved rest.
Then it is time to investigate after we have gained our senses. The noble troupe leaves heads towards the farm they remember from weeks passed, only to see it guarded by Mind Flayers! We move in to investigate, when fire beetles are released from the stone of the changed farmland, and a fight begins.

The orb's identity revealed

After dealing with the large humanoid’s and creatures skittering along the ceiling, the orb offered the adventurers a choice. Continue on as they were battling through rooms, or skip to the end and see what purpose it had in mind at the cost of some energy ( 2 daily’s and 2/3 healing surges ). Eager to discover what was behind all of this and what nefarious purposes it had the adventurers made the jump to the end.

They found themselves in a dark room where they could hear the voices of the orb and nothing else. Slowly the room brightened revealing the Shadow Being known as A and the orb. The Shadow Being summoned forth from the orb Kel and Argon, people who had both wronged Malkier in the past. The shadow being seemed to be communicating to Mal, but the entire party could hear his “voice” directly inside of their minds. “Your choice?” Mal made his choice known with a blast of lightning directed towards the foul being. The shadow being turned to go, leaving his minions to take care of our adventurers, but they stopped him pleading, “Master, there are so many of them. We need your strength in order to succeed!”. Stopping briefly A appeared to rip their shadows from their bodies and the adventurers could sense the two Drow growing in strength.

As the Shadow Being, A, left darkness enveloped the room. The last bit of light reflecting off the malevolent sneers and shining blades of the two evil Drow.

Roses and Monsters
Roses and Monsters

Our adventures braved through more of the mysterious dungeon following and listening to the smug but beautiful black orb.

The adventures began with puzzle. The first trial was of a boat and supplies. An old man had a boat whre he could take two things with him at a time and had to leave one behind. A fox, a geese and a bag of grain. Depending what was left the items would eat each other. The other puzzle was of petals and Roses. Where an old man rolled a dice and the characters were made to guess the number of the final dice. Through knowledge and some guesses the adventures figured out that only when a die had a center dot, then the one’s on the outside where counted. The last, by seemingly poor design, was to determine and differentiate a magical door, its weapons and its corresponding riddles.

The next battle took them to two giant monsters as well as two monsters hanging from the ceiling.

Elementals, Dragons, and Stones

The adventurers found themselves in a room presented with a choice. Two buttons stood in front of them, one of rainbow and one of stone. Choosing the rainbow button the adventurers were led to a room with three empty looking orbs, one red, one green, and the last blue. Along with each of these orbs was a corresponding button. While Bart postulated on the best course of action Arcadio rushed forward and depressed the red button, summoning forth a small fire elemental who seemed eager to do the bidding of the person who summoned it. Arcadio directed it towards the red orb where it promptly disappeared filling it with a soft red glow. The group quickly discovered that the green button and blue button summoned earth and water elementals respectively which were able to enter the orbs of the same color. After putting 2 elementals in each orb of the corresponding type a door opened leading to the next room.

The next room had a similar puzzle, but with more orbs. The orbs this time corresponded with Lava, Ice, Ash, and Smoke. After some experimentation the following combinations opened the door to the next room and collected their 100g reward:

  • fire and air form ash elemental
  • water and fire form smoke elemental
  • water and earth form lava elemental
  • earth and wind make ice elemental

In the next room the adventurers were presented with three options for battle

  • Dragon Head
  • Hunchback Humanoid with a Growth on its back
  • Paper Humanoid

While Bart tried to open the floor for discussion, Regdar, Gorath, Arcadio, and Mal quickly decided that a Dragon would fall before their might and chose that path.

Bursting forth into the next room the group was confronted with 2 Bronze Dragon Wyrmlings, 2 juvenile Bronze Dragons, and one Young Adult Bronze Dragon. A vicious battle ensued, but the final Dragon finally fell to a barrage of Arrows and a scale rending strike from Gorath’s axe.

The Mysterious Orb appeared as the Dragons fell and spoke to Malkyr, asking who deserved a reward for winning this encounter. The group decided Baern was to have the reward for his timely aid in saving Ruscion from death during the battle. The group then moved on to the final series of puzzle rooms.

The next two puzzle rooms involved moving rocks into the proper positions to gain exit from the room. The final room required sliding between various obstacles in way that would let you reach the exit.

Room 1
Screen shot 2013 06 19 at 9.26.07 am

Room 2

Screen shot 2013 06 19 at 9.25.54 am

Room 3


While it took all of their collective brain power the group solved all the puzzles and were able to move on to whatever awaited them next…

The journey into the Shadow Door

Our band of adventurers found a mysterious orb after the battle with Tarsis. The orb, speaking in undercommon, bade Malkier to gather the group together in an area of privacy. Once there it beset the companions with a riddle and a choice; dare they brave the perils within for the chance at many treasures? Of course our adventures did as any foolhardy band would and decided to set forth into dangers unknown.

Once in the door that the orb conjured up the adventurers had a choice, battle or puzzle? They were split with Bart and Arcadio wishing to solve a puzzle, while Regdar, Malkier, and Ruscion wished for battle. The ever brave Gorath was the deciding vote and, not knowing what a puzzle was, he cast his vote to battle as any good barbarian would.

In the battle room were five creatures from Tarsis’s army, a goblin shaman, two goblin warriors, and two trolls all tied to stakes. They besought the adventurers for help, but as soon as they took a step towards the creatures spikes sprang through their chests and they were instantly reborn as the undead. Ruscion and Arcadio took point later joined by Gorath while Regdar, Malkier, and Bart rained destruction from afar. They were mighty foes that forced our heroes to expend many powerful abilities and sustain heavy damage. However, in the end our heroes prevailed and were awarded 100gp a piece for their victory.


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