Heroes of Haven Falls

The Farm battle and... ABANOX

Approaching the changed field, the adventurers notice Shadow Kai warily guarding the road that leads to the farm. The landscape has changed, decrepit ruins lie behind the potential enemies.

Bart tries a diplomatic route to bypass the situation while Ruscion ensures their safety by sneaking through the ring of Shadow Kai…. only to be bombarded by fire beetles hidden amongst the ruins! The surprise gone, the Shadow Kai drop their guard and start to attack, whilst the adventurers lay waste to every threat in site. Injured, but far from defeated, the adventurers continue warily down the path through the ruins towards the underground entrance by the farm.

From a distance they see two holes. One with more shadow kai around the hole leading into the underground, and a vacant hole as well. Realizing the patience but lack of hostility from the first group, the group approaches the Shadow Kai while Bart talks with them and gathers information by gaining their cautious confidence.

The information is vague, but helpful enough. The Lord of Shadows, death and decay is who they follow, and they are in a loose allegiance with the non sentient bugs present in the fields. But we have to be wary… for although they will let us pass, their will be more in the depths that might not be so kind.

Descending into the depths, the adventurers are immediately set upon by armored tunnel bugs, but after a fight the beasts are defeated (including a close call where the Shadow Kai suspiciously wondered what was happening in the depths). Continuing deeper into the depths of the dungeon, our heroes again run into the maggot monster… three of them guarding an area farther down the tunnel! A fight ensues as the heroes launch themselves into the rooms and assault the maggot monsters, but they get more than they bargained for when exploding moths and Shadow Kai join the fight as well. The fight turned easily towards Bart’s Band, but after defeating a maggot monster, the remaining two screamed an unearthly howl as they reformed into a more powerful version of the maggot monster we previously fought. The skirmish continued with our heroes remaining on top, bruised but not beaten.

Just as we celebrate our victory…. A______ appears. He talks.

I am Abanox. I am from the Shadow realm. And I will destroy this realm.



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