Heroes of Haven Falls

The plan unveiled

Abinox shows, through the orb, that he has summoned other evil beings all across the world to try and bring the Shadowfell to this plane. He tells the adventurers to come to his plane if they wish to stop him.

Upon returning to Haven Falls the adventurers seek the advice of Corethal and Valfryn the Wise. Valfryn tells them that they can get to the shadow plane either from a strong Shadow Wizard, one who excels in creating portals, or by finding a natural rift between this world and the Shadowfell. With this in mind the adventurers head south to find the Shadow Wizard that will be able to transport them to the Shadowfell.

They reach the mountain pass and encounter a band of orcs. Arcadio challenges their best warrior, Bjorn, to a one on one battle for the right to pass through the mountains. Arcadio easily defeats Bjorn and convinces him to come with them to help translate with other orcs further in the mountains.



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